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Hello All! Welcome to the new year! Sorry about the absence but the holidays are a hectic time. Today’s ramble is just going to be about upcoming rambles and possibilities. And will be pretty short

So for this year I’m thinking about doing some rambles about Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. I don’t know yet if I’ll review my favorites or maybe try to tackle all of them. There’s a fair few I haven’t read yet. However, the Discworld books are among my favorite and I’d love to talk about them.

Another possible topic are Disney movies. I really love Disney and I think I’ll do a ramble on my ranking of my favorite Disney/Pixar movies and why I’d rank them like that. It may have to broken up into parts because there are a TON of movies to look at.

Along these lines maybe Marvel and DC movies. However, I’m a Marvel gal so that maybe a little bit bais. On the other hand I’m a huge batman fan so maybe that can weigh in on the DC side………..maybe

Those are the only ideas I have right now. Of course they’ll be things that randomly pop up. New, interesting books I come across or new movie I watch. 2019 can bring a variety of possibilities. And, of course, if you have any suggestions on something I should check out let me know. If it seems like something that would be up my alley I’ll look into it.

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Oh No

Hello all! and guess what guys? I couldn’t make it through The Little Mermaid on Netflix but I tried I really tried.

I started out with all the hope and wonder of seeing another classic magically retold. Now, I’m an eight year old in a 30 year old’s body and I love me some whimsical, childish movies. Plus!! Plus, the main character guy in this movie is the older brother kid from Narnia so I had my hopes high.

Now I start this movie on Friday night after having gotten up at 5 am to work and now it’s pushing 11 pm and I’m exhausted but ready to plunge in to the world of mermaids. The movie starts out fine, a grandmother is telling her grandchildren the story of the Little Mermaid. She tells them that she has had a slightly different encounters with mermaids and dives into our central story that begins with a little girl with breathing problem who believes she a mermaid. And her uncle who loves her but has a down to earth view on the world but is kind and will do anything to cure his niece. Main character guy is a journalist. There’s this new wonder curative that is sweeping the south and his editor demands he go check it out and hey, it may be a cure for his niece so get on it.

Ok I’m falling asleep but let’s not make this a reflection of the movie yet. After all, as I stated I’ve been up for too many hours. Pause movie, go sleep, resume the next morning.

So uncle and niece are going to investigate the claims of this cure all miracle water. Except upon leaving for this journey the niece is sad to go. I thought she’d be excited for this awesome adventure but she’s sad she has to leave her menagerie of stuffed animals behind….it’s odd. They get to their lodging and head off to the circus where the water is being toted. They meet with a psychic who tells them their futures (which I’m sure if I had watched more would have been dead on) and gives main character child some pearls and the uncle a warning of the future. Then they are lured into a tent to see a real live mermaid!! and this is where the movie takes a nosedive for me. The circus ring master is an odd man who has an instant dislike for these people who paid to see his attraction, and an intense dislike for anyone who claims a woman who can breathe water may be fake but whatever. After this scene we see that the miracle water is sold out.( Seriously, every person that works at this circus is unlikable) But that won’t get our characters down. Our main character guy goes and has an interview with the ringmaster who is playing an organ in a stain glass window lit room that looks like it would give anyone a headache after 5 minutes in sitting in such awful light. The ringmaster immediately shuts him down and boot him out of his caravan. Afterwards out two main characters are walking through the woods where they happen stance upon the mermaid they saw the night before. And wouldn’t you know it she’s walking around so is therefore a fake. She sees some vision of the ringmaster, gets scared , and runs off but not before telling them that of course she’s a mermaid, mermaids get legs at low tide silly………and this is as far as I made it. I found the characters so unlikable and the main character are so unremarkable that I can’t even remember their names. I may take another crack at this but after I found Mowgli so great from the get go, this movie was dull and I didn’t care enough about a single thing enough for it to pull me in.

Some of you may be saying that I barely gave this movie a chance after all I did only watch about 45 minutes of it but it just didn’t give me the feels. I put almost no effort into remembering the characters names.( Though it now occurs to me the main girl is Elle or Ille or some such thing) It simply didn’t captivate me or catch my imagination. Have you seen this movie? What did you think? Should I give it a second chance?

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The Boy in the Jungle

Hello All! I’ve decided to not call my ramblings reviews but just posts or updates. I think I leave too much out and don’t have complete or in depth enough posts to call them reviews. Maybe I’ll go back when I get a bit better at this lol. Actually, that’s exactly what I’ll call them ramblings.

I just finished Mowgli on Netflix. This movie, you guys, was so touching. So, we all know the story of The Jungle Book and in those terms, this is just like any other retelling. However, this story has unique bits sprinkled through to keep it interesting. We get to see how Baloo tries trains Mowgli to succeed in the pack and how it’s impossible to stamp out that very human curiosity that drove humans to evolve. Shere Khan place the same character as usual. As well does Bagheera, playing the mentor role in Mowgli’s life.  An interesting difference is seeing Khaa being an omniscient being.

Some of the most touching moments and the highlights in this movie:

When we see how much Baloo really does care for Mowgli and truly wants to see him succeed. And how crushed he is when Bagheera tackles Mowgli and he sees all the success they had gone in a flash.

When we see Akeelah accept his fate and take on the pack and on the heels of that how Akeelah tells Mowgli he has dishonored the pack. How crushing it must be for Mowgli to be turned out by the only people he’s ever known just because he followed his nature and wanted to protect the ones he loved.

The scene where he turns away his pack brother the way they turned on him. I had to tell myself to remember that he is just a child and feels impulsive and petty like a child might.Any scene that we see Bagheera be paternal toward Mowgli, teaching him to hunt and revealing how he knows that the human world would be better for Mowgli from his own experiences.Mowgli’s facial expressions are phenomenal. This kid’s face is so expressive and conveys great emotions. You can really feel what he feels and they really hep pull you in. especially to those scenes with no words and there’s only Mowgli’s emotions to capture you.And finally Boots. OMG BOOTS. When Mowgli yells at Boots and you just know that something bad is going to happen to him. And then they reveal his little taxidermied head I had to shut my laptop lid. It was one of the most heartbreaking scenes I’ve seen in a long time.

Some issues I had:

The CGI of the animals. Other than Khaa the facial movements kind of freaked me out. Especially Bagheera. He looked too human and it made me uncomfortable. Boots’ noises. His screams like a child or like Chet in The Santa Clause 2. It’s really off putting. Why wouldn’t he whine like a wolf? The other wolves make wolf noises. I didn’t really get why the wolves who grew up with Mowgli as a “brother” hate him. Or why after years of Mowgli growing up the wolves are like the same age as him. Surely there must have been multiple litters of cubs born?Khaa was so unbelievable GAINT. Like ridiculously huge.

I like that when Mowgli enters the “human” world he never learns to talk and is constantly puzzled by human nature and that they are weary of him at first as well. that unlike most reiterations of this story Mowgli goes back to the jungle as it’s protector. If they make future movies, we may see more closely how he interact between the world of humans and animals and if he ever feels the need to “settle down” and have a family of his own.  

Overall, I’d say that this movie is worth the watch if you have a couple hours to kill. I watched it over two nights ( I had to stop after the Boots scene). It can be a bit graphic, so I wouldn’t recommend it to kids too young. It’s a classic retelling of a story most people know and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Have you seen this movie? What did you think?

This makes me excited to watch The Little Mermaid on Netflix so that may be the next rambling.

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Painting with Diamonds

Hello all! This post I’m going to talk about a craft I just started….Diamond Painting.  I enjoy crafts that help me relax and have low skill levels. Which to me means the end product can look good without any experience necessary to complete the craft.

I got this as a Christmas gift from my sister and let me tell you, it’s addictive. Diamond painting is like paint by numbers except you’re sticking a million tiny beads to a sticky mat. She got me two Disney pictures, the rose from Beauty and the Beast and the glass slipper from Cinderella (see above).I started right away, and this is my progress after about 4 hours:

It’s extremely time consuming and for me time flies as I obsessively stick the jewels down. I’ll tell my self “oh I’ll finish this section and stop”… hour later I’m still going. If you’re wondering the skill level this takes the answer is next to none. You simply use the guide on the side of the picture to match the colors from their bags. They’re labeled as letters, numbers, and shaped and like paint by numbers you just put the pieces where they belong. You do need the dexterity to place the tiny pieces but if you can follow simple directions you can do this. However, the pieces are very very small if you have a child of an age that likes to put things into their mouth you should keep a sharp eye out. My cat likes to eat tiny plastic bits and I constantly have to shoo him away.

I also like to do perler art and paint things that my boyfriend prints on his 3D printer. So, if you’re like me and like to craft but don’t have a high skill level then you might want to try this. I’m pretty sure you can get the kits off amazon and maybe even at craft store, although, I haven’t looked.

Now I just work on this after work so it’s going to be AWHILE before this is complete. I’ll put up pictures of my progress at the bottom of other posts or maybe I’ll do random update posts with just a picture of how it’s coming along. Let me know if you guys have any questions and if you’d like to see me do more of this kind of thing in the future. I can show my perler art or more of the diamond paintings as I work on them.

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Spooky Sabrina

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina P1

Hello all! Welcome back to my corner of the net. I’ve decided to keep the Niffler background until I’m tired of looking at it. Today I’m going to get into the new Sabrina Netflix show. Enjoy

There’s going to be SPOILERS dun dun dun……

I was very interested in this show. Like the Fantastic Beasts series, it’s bringing back something from my childhood but with a twist. However, in this show it may as well be a coincidence that all the characters have the same names.

My first thoughts where “Why is the background so blurry?” “Why is the foreground so blurry?” I’m wondering if that was supposed to give the show a “spooky” feel but overall it just made me feel like I wasn’t wearing my glasses. Through out the show it persists, though it does get better. I was also struck by how much this new actress reminded me of Melissa Joan Hart. There’s just something about her facial movements. I also very much enjoyed how believably high school they all looked. It doesn’t feel like I’m watching someone pushing 30 trying to pull off being in the 10th grade.

I very much enjoyed this show. I liked the darker tones and while it’s dark it’s not over the top. I also like that satanism is like an occult and religion rolled together. There’s “church” meetings and sermons, holidays, and doctrine that really give satanism a depth. The episode where they sacrifice a “queen”to feed the coven was fantastic. The way Sabrina is strong armed and manipulated to be “one of us” gives me feels that I’m sure most of us have had where you don’t want to participate in an event but feel that maybe you should because that’s the way it’s always been. Sabrina shows us that nothing can change unless you’re willing to push against the norms of do what you feel is right.

Some low points in this show for me were the first episode. I almost stopped half way through and said well that was enough of that. The dream episode felt like tedious filler where our characters didn’t grow or learn anything and in a series that only has 10 episodes a season. I don’t have time to waste on nonsense filler. As previously stated, the weird blurriness bothered me. Also,I wanted more magic. Some magic we see is very subtle and feels like could workout in the modern world, but I wanted more fantastical magic that made me oh and awe. Also when did this take place? I thought it was going to be the 90’s,not so far removed that it seems like a different time but where technology wasn’t so prevalent. I spent many episodes thinking we were in the 90’s then suddenly I started seeing smart phones. The sets also had an old-timey feel to them, I suppose the point was to feel ageless?

Now the highlights. I love every character…….except Harvey. He falls flat and I find him a little one noted and boring. Although I felt for him when his brother died and his life started falling apart. I think the aunts play off each other very well and give Sabrina’s home life a rounded feel. Ambrose is this Sabrina’s Salem ( I know her familiar is Salem) in that he is the one that gives the exposition of how the coven works, gives Sabrina advise, and kind of helps Sabrina get into mischief. I absolutely adore him. Her friends have a unique feel that we don’t see in a lot of shows in that they feel like whole complete characters even if Sabrina isn’t around. Their problems aren’t centered around her and they feel as though I could watch individual series about each of them.They each have their own lives happening that have faults and hurtles to overcome that must be dealt with by themselves.

The ending!!! Aaahhhhh, so heartbreaking and so many questions. Like, did Ms. Hartwell need to see Sabrina do the summoning spell successfully to do it herself? Or was that just apart of her overall scheme to taint Sabrina? Did I miss something, why did signing the book change who Sabrina fundamentally is? Is Sabrina going to end up being super powerful even though she’s only half witch? I mean this is the point to keep us wanting more and boy am I excited for part 2!!

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Hello All

Hello all! I’m Kuma, it’s nice to meet you. This is my first attempt at a blog so please bear with me if it feels clunky and not well thought out at first. I’ll eventually get the lay of the land. I wanted to start this blog to find like-minded people who want to share and discuss movies and books and T.V. shows. I’ll be reading books and watching T.V. shows and movies and reviewing them and giving my overall thoughts and opinions. And we’re going to dive right in with a currently very popular movie (for better or worse)……….

The Crimes of Grindelwald

SO in case it’s not apparent ****SPOILERS*****

I was beyond excited for this movie. I grew up with Harry Potter, I went to Hogwarts with the gang and dreamed of receiving my own letter by owl.  When that final paged turned in 2007 and those final credits rolled for The Deathly Hallow in 2011 it felt like the end of a universe so filled with wonder that it was a little sad. Then the whispers started “new movies in the Harry Potter universe” and it was too good to be true, surely?

However!! Here comes Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This movie (IMO) held every bit much whimsy as the first Harry Potter films and sucked me back into this universe I thoroughly enjoy. I can’t wait for the next one! 2 years later, here we are, the next installment and man, am I excited for more beasts and Jude Law. So, let’s get into some thoughts as I’m walking out of the theater.

Firstly!! Let’s talk about some characters. Newt, our ever adorable socially awkward protagonist who just wants to take care of his menagerie. Gets sucked into problems that he wants nothing to do with but must help for his love of his brother and the love of his life. We get to see some more into his briefcase of wonder. Where I personally think an entire movie should be centered around. Then Jude Law, he was every bit the Dumbledore I knew he could be. He had the perfect amount of smug “I’m awesome and I know it” air about him. Maybe even more smug because this Dumbledore has yet to face the hardships of the Dumbledore we know and love.  Next, we’ll lump Tina, Queenie, and Jacob into a few sentences together. Queenie’s twist was amazing, though not entirely a surprise from the way they set her up in the trailers and posters. Tina was……there. And Jacob was as great the comic relief character he was in the first film.  Credence was the same lost kid in the first movie. Hopefully they develop him a bit more than just the angst of not knowing where he belongs. Leta was the driving force behind the entire movie. Her actions are a direct cause of almost every point in the movie. She also has one of the best scenes, when she’s looking back at the Scamander brothers  and we don’t know which she said she loves. (ok, it’s totally Newt but we don’t KNOW) Lastly, Grindelwald. This was Johnny Depp playing Johnny Depp as he usually does, and this certainly wasn’t a detractor. While perhaps lacking in many crimes. It was interesting to see the groundwork for all plans he has in mind and all the strings he’s putting out.

The movie was overall enjoyable. I’ve heard people complain that it asks more questions than it answers but for me that is fine for a movie in the middle of an arc. However, I can see the problem with this movie having no legs as a stand-alone movie. If you don’t have an extensive history with the universe it’s confusing, even if you do it’s a bit confusing. There’re some time line issues that may work out once we see the whole picture and some plots points that were more on the “ookkkaayy” side of things. But for a fan I liked it. The twist ending of Credence’s identity as a Dumbledore was an unexpected twist, a right turn out of nowhere. I think that is going to end up being a total misdirect from Grindelwald. I thought the magic was fantastic. Some of the most extensive magic we’ve seen so far, and Newt’s beasts are always a treat to see and explore. I am excited to see the next one and the one after that and the one after that. I’m excited to see the story unfold into a bigger picture.

And that is where I’ll end this. There’s so so much  that I didn’t touch on. I left this first one pretty general as I try to work out what I want to say.  I didn’t touch upon Yusuf or Nagini’s characters but there are some thoughts I may add in and update when I think of them.

So what did you think of Crimes of Grindelwald? And where do you think the story may be heading?

Next time, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina